Cell Phone Spying Software

If you’re looking for the best cell phone spying software there’s really only a few key things that you need to be aware of. First of all I’d always attack the question from the position of knowing exactly what you want the spying software to do.

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What’s Being Said?

Of course, you want it to be able to spy on a cell phone – but for what purpose exactly and what kind of results are you looking to achieve? I’ve known people that have wanted to use this kind of software for specific purposes. Those that suspect that their husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend of cheating on them, is probably amongst the most common, although concerned parents and suspicious employers are also very common users of such software.

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 It’s human nature to want to know what a loved one might be saying to another person – especially a suspected lover – on their phone because this is probably the commonest way that such covert communications between the two of them can take place. If you could listen in to their secrets, when they think that nobody in the world is listening in, you will get to the truth of things pretty quickly – you’ll be able to tell if this is some kind of puppy-love crush, that may be salvageable, or some deep-seated love-affair that could spell the end of your time with them. It might be that you’ve totally misread a situation and what you thought was happening was some innocent pang of jealousy growing in you as the green-eyed monster sometimes can.

If you manage to find a way to infiltrate their darkest, most deceptive thoughts, secrets and desires, when they really have no clue that you are eavesdropping – this is a powerful way to gain back the upper hand in the relationship and start to take control for yourself again. All too often, the feelings of betrayal and rejection can leave a person feeling absolutely helpless, sad and miserable. Cell phone spying software can help to address the balance and put things back in your control again.

So what can the software actually do? Depending on how much you want to spend, mobile phone spying software comes in two “main flavors”. The first and cheaper option will allow you to spy on all incoming and outgoing text messages (or sms). As you might imagine, this functionality alone is incredibly powerful if you need to see what two people have been saying to each other, supposedly secretly between themselves. Nobody really imagines that anybody can read their text messages – especially if they are deleting them immediately after they have been received or are sent. However, the best cell phone monitoring systems can record all of these messages and store them all for you to view at your leisure, either while they happen or later on.

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 The second type of cell spy surveillance software actually lets you listen into the phone calls live, as they happen.  This seems like something out of a spy novel or something akin to all the phone tapping news stories that you hear around the world today – but it actually works. And with both of these systems the target will have no idea that they are being spied on once the software has been installed onto their cell phone.  Nothing on their phone will give anything away – and you will have a window into their secret world that they wouldn’t even guess.

For the system that allows the text message spying (plus all the other features that I will go into in just a minute) you would expect to pay around $50. For the more advanced spying software that lets you hear the conversations in audio you would have to upgrade a further $20 or so. Even so, for around $70 the price is still pretty incredible if you compare this one-off cost to the cost of, say, hiring a private eye, for even one day. Never mind the number of days that it will usually take them to rack up enough decent information for you to be sure that you’re not chasing some jealous fantasy of a non-existent love-affair.

For both these systems, the Advanced and the Pro upgrade, you also get all of the features below thrown in for good measure:

  • ·         GPS tracking of the phone so that you can see where the phone is (and, hence, they are) whenever it is switched on
  • ·         Time, duration and call history of all calls including contacts
  • ·         The ability to see all photos sent and received to the target phone
  • ·         The ability to read all emails sent and received via the cell phone
  • ·         The ability to view all internet surfing history on the phone

The best thing about the software that I recommend is that it works. This is the chief problem with buying online downloads of cell phone spying software. Very often you will get ripped off by scammy software where there is no recourse for refunds or any way of contacting the company for advice if things go wrong.

With the company that I recommend, the software is constantly updated and upgraded as technology changes. The software is compatible with almost all modern smart phones whether they be Android, iPhone, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry or any other platform. They are by far the most trusted and reliable online cell phone spying software vendor and they have built this reputation by standing by their robust working software, excellent customer service and full money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied. You can get this software right now with an instant online download and be spying on the target cell within minutes. Upon payment you’ll be given a download key – you’ll need to surf to the website and download the software direct to the phone. You’ll also be given access to a secure space on a web server where all the information gathered from the phone will be stored for you to view or listen to at your leisure. This is the state of the art software of its kind and today you can receive a $100 discount when you buy through this link here:

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