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Can I Spy On My Cheating Wife’s Phone?

There are plenty of men out there (both husbands and boyfriends) who are starting to look at cell phone tracking technology to help them to find out if their wives or partners are cheating on them. It makes sense, after all, if it were possible to snoop on their wives cell phones that they would do so if they suspected foul play.

After all, the mobile phone is now the primary way of carrying out communications with other people and, due to their very nature, there is a kind of security in thinking that what you do on your cell phone will remain private.

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However, those days may be over with the arrival of cheap cell phone spying software. Nowadays, it is possible to pick up a decent branded cell spy program for around $49 and it will essentially let you do what a decent private eye could have helped you with in the past but for a hell of a lot cheaper. Let’s face it, almost everything we do in our lives now involves our cell phones. Whether that’s communicating by calling, sending sms texts or by IMs BBMs or email – it all happens through our phones. And so how do you think that your wife is communicating with him? If only you could get a sneak peek at her text messages or emails (that she probably deletes instantly) you’d be able to see exactly what she’s getting up to and who with!

How Can I Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone?

The other functions that this type of spying app lets you perform are tracking the phone’s position by GPS and also recording all internet history and other online data.

So, if for example, you think she’s lying when she says she’s going out for coffee with her girlfriends in town every Saturday afternoon, you can see where she is really going by using the GPS tracker. Literally, you’ll be able to track her movements using Google Maps. The beauty of using these secret cell phone spying apps is that the app is completely hidden within the phone. There’s no way she can know it is there, while you have access to all of her so-called secret communications.

All of the data – even deleted data like texts received and sent will be saved for you to peruse at your leisure from a secure online area whenever you want.

So if you feel the need to spy on your cheating wife’s cell phone, it definitely is possible and affordable. You can even get an upgrade now to an app that allows you to listen in live to the cell phone calls as they are happening! Or alternatively, to turn their cell phone into a remote microphone that will listen in on her surroundings and record it. Of course, this is one cheap and relatively painless way of finding out about her cheating habits and who she is with, but the evidence received might not be permissible in a court of law. You need to know that in many states and countries, using this sort of program will get you in trouble with the law in terms of breaching right to privacy laws. There is no problem with buying the software – it’s perfectly legal – but you should read the small print and FAQs about its use and consult with an attorney for clarity, if necessary.

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The way the software works is much like any other cell phone or smart phone app. It comes available for almost all makes and platform of phone, so all common smart phones that work on Android, Blackberry or iPhone OS and have an internet connection will be compatible. You can double check compatibility on the manufacturer’s website before you buy. I would like to point out here, though, that if you plan to use this on an Apple iPhone – you will need to jailbreak it first.

The way it works is that you must have access to the target phone in order to download the app. Once installed the software embeds itself so deeply in the phone that it is effectively hidden from all but the most sophisticated hacker-types. Any regular user would simply not know that it was there because it leaves no visible trace of its existence. This is the tricky bit, though, because you ‘ll need about 10 minutes alone with the phone in order to get the program downloaded (probably quicker if you have a decent internet connection). Of course, to be able to do this you must also have her PIN or pass code if she locks her phone. This part is usually easy to get done when she is in the bath or something like that. Some ways of getting around her being ultra security-conscious about leaving her phone lying around or keeping it constantly locked are to offer to upload this great new app or game to her phone (having something already planned in mind) or even, if you are desperate, going to the length of “Treating” her to that new all-singing, all-dancing fancy cell phone that is currently all the rage (you’ll have had it  pre-packaged with the spy app, of course). Use your imagination if you are struggling to get past this stage. There is always a sneaky way to get her to let you have access to her phone for 10 minutes, especially if she’s deleting stuff and is sure that you won’t find anything damning!

So, buy it online through the links on this page – for a great discount! Get the download key. Then surf to the download site with the target phone and download the app.

Then – you’re done. The software is hidden on the phone and you can start spying on all her secrets from the secure control panel that they give the details to you for when you signed up. Remember, this is your own private access. Nobody else will have any access to the data from that phone. You’ll soon have the lowdown on your wife’s cheating ways and at last be able to see the truth for what it is and be able to plan your response – on your terms!


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