1. Richard Peloz

    How can I spy on my wife with my blackberry 8520 she have a same one. I won’t to listen to her comversations and to look where dhe is on the map. What. Must I do to get me and hers GPs to work?

    • admin


      Yes the Blackberry Curve 8520 is currently supported. You need to click through to the vendor and then check out their instructions and support about how to get this working for GPS spy and live conversation monitoring.

  2. Ron

    I wish I had downloaded this app… My wife had been cheating for 5 months before phone records and late nights brought it out. The phone always on silent, the secret texting, and more frequent nights out all made me suspicious but without the proof I was told I was paranoid control freak. Our 15 yr marriage is now over but could possibly have been saved if I was able to confront with evidence sooner.

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