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Is There a Way To Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages?

It’s usually down to suspicious behaviour and worries that he might be cheating but I’m getting a lot of messages asking “Is there a way to read my boyfriend’s text messages?”. Well, yes, there absolutely is. I’m not here to discuss the moral implications of such an action nor can I advise on the legal side, except to say that such actions might well be deemed illegal in many countries and states. But here is the practical way in which it is possible, assuming that you are not breaking any laws.

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How Can I Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages?

Basically, you need to get a cell phone monitoring app, which, like any other app, would sit on the phone that you need to spy on feeding the data to a separate remote server that only you have the pass to. Of course, the tricky thing here is getting it on the phone in the first place, especially if your boyfriend is watching it like a hawk because he knows he has some guilty secrets on there. Contrary to the popular myth, it’s not possible to spy on a cell phone remotely (i.e. without having installed software on it first) unless you are some government agency that probably have all kinds of highly sophisticated intercepting technology. So don’t fall for the online scams that tell you that it is possible to spy on a cell phone remotely (Well, it is, but you have to have access to the phone in the first instance to get the software downloaded to it – that’s the thing they don’t tell you and is probably the trickiest part).

Assuming that you can get 10 minutes with your bf’s cell phone and that you know the unlock PIN or code and can surf online using the web browser, then you can pay for the app and then download it to the phone using the special download key that they give you upon payment. The download will take a few minutes (it’s usually very quick depending on the speed of the internet connection through 3G/4G or Wi-Fi) and it embeds itself so well into the phone that it’s basically hidden to anybody that didn’t know it had been downloaded – i.e. there are no icons or anything of that nature giving away the fact that it is on the phone at all!

So, now that the download is done, all you have to do is log into the secure control panel (accessible online only to you through any device that you own) and you’ll be able to see all the data that the app collects from the phone. The major function include: all text and sms messages passing to or from the cell, all emails, IMs, BBMs (Blackberry) and other such messaging services. All phone calls made to and from the phone including time of call, duration of call and the contact number / name associated with that phone in its address / contacts list. And this is just the start. You’ll also be able to see all internet history, photos and pics sent and received via the phone and even be able to track the location (and hence, your boyfriend’s location) via the GPS capability.

All of the instructions, phone compatibility, payment details and functions can be found in more detail through this link, which will also take you to a $100 discount for the software.

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Is it possible to view his text messages

Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages

There’s no guarantee that this discount will be there tomorrow so you should go check it out now. Payment methods are discrete; the company is a reputable and professional outfit that honors it’s no quibble guarantee on the software. I’m pretty certain you won’t find a better, well-working software for a better price than here – they are renowned for providing the best cell phone monitoring software at the best value online.

In answer to the question “Is there a way to read my boyfriend’s text messages?” then the answer is an emphatic yes, and I hope I’ve laid out the basics of how to go about it here for you.


2 thoughts on “Is There a Way To Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages?

  1. melissa says:

    i want to know step by step how to do this my boyfriend has a Samsung galaxy and he locks in and opens it by his picture auto face lock but he has a back up passcode I recently discover and I want to know how to down load this program spybubble . please I need to know if he is cheating I have been in this relationship with him for 2 years and I have baby coming on the way and I want to know what going on be cause his behavior has been changing

  2. sandra says:

    How can I purchase a cell phone monitoring app to spy on my boyfriend cell phone. Or what’s the website

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